52 Weeks Of Debbie's Life

Debbie's Photo Challenge



I was told by a school photographer that there was “always ONE” in a group portrait! There certainly is in this one! Goodness knows what he was getting up to. Plus a bit of forced perspective going on! Ostriches are funny things and I do love their faces. Apparently their eye ball is larger than their brain. Also the male only has one partner and even if his “wife” dies – he remains single for the rest of his life, which in the wild can be up to 60-70 years. However, the wife is not so well behaved and gets a new “husband” as soon as she can😳.


10. Family table

Again we were at a wonderful South African vineyard!!!!image image I could not resist taking this as my “family table” along with the pretty little cat. It is a wonderful oak table and I thought – what a table for a family celebration.


48. Sunflare

Having had a very nice lunch at Constantia Glen Winery in Cape Town, we lay down on blankets on the sunny banks and I decided to try my sunflare shot. I could hardly see what I was doing it was so bright. Anyway – it sort of turned out – better than I expected it to anyway.



Whilst a lot of the UK has very cold weather and snow at the moment – here in the southern part of East Anglia we haven’t had any snow and not many frosty mornings. Not much good for the theme winter landscape. Yesterday morning there was a frost but by the time the light was good the frost was on its way out. However – I looked out of our bedroom window and realised I could use the view for the theme – long shadows!! I’ve posted two shots – one with the trees which my husband likes but I like the one with the dog walker and our house showdow. If you imageimagelook closely you can spot the dog – a Weimaraner – well camouflaged!!



It’s a mystery as to the whereabouts of the Holy Grail. Dan Brown in his bestseller – The Da Vinci Code, wrote that “it” had been placed in Rosslyn Chapel. Well, this photograph is of Rosslyn Chapel, just outside Edinburgh and can be seen from my mother-in-law’s house a field away!! It’s now on the Edinburgh tourist route thanks to Dan Brown, image with a visitor centre. I was lucky many years ago to go to a Christmas midnight service in the chapel which certainly has a very spiritual and mystical atmosphere.